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Announcement: Forum Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Sirenfal


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Please read the following rules before you use this site. If you break the rules, this is what will happen:

  • If you do something mildly annoying, you might get a warning.
  • If you violate the rules, we'll remove the content.
  • If we think you're going to break more rules, we'll suspend your posting privileges for some time.
  • If you do anything malicious or really annoying, you'll get banned.

Site Rules

  • Do not give or ask for medical advice.
  • Do not discuss anything illegal. This includes hacking and cracking.
  • Do not post inappropriate content. Graphic violence, pornography, and excessive profanity don't belong here.
  • Do not post executable files. You can get an administrator's permission, but the file must be safe and legal.
  • Do not harass other users. If you can't help yourself, come back once you finish middle school.
  • Do not create multiple accounts. This is usually a sign that you're up to no good, so we'll just ban all of them.
  • Don't waste our time. We get too many private messages to read.
  • Read the FAQ below. We get a lot of the same questions. It's faster for both of us if you read the answer here.

Forum Rules

  • Think before you post. Try to contribute to the discussion. Use common sense.
  • Post in the correct section. This makes it easier for others to find relevant threads.
  • Don't bump old threads. If a thread hasn't been active for a couple weeks, leave it alone unless you have a good reason.
  • No advertising. This is not the place to coordinate Minecraft griefing attacks. Do not post IP addresses or griefing team ads.
  • Proofread your posts. Nobody is going to take you seriously if you can't write a sentence.
  • If somebody breaks the rules, just report it. Don't clutter the thread with posts about how somebody broke the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why can't I post images?
Answer: You must have at least 50 posts to post images. This is to help combat abusive spammers.

Question: Why can't I use the shoutbox?
Answer: You must have at least 5 posts to use the shoutbox.

Question: Why isn't my avatar upload working?
Answer: You can only upload PNG files. In theory you should be able to upload JPG, but it's broken, and true to the word "Avolition" Sirenfal has investigating and fixing this issue marked as "Slated For Eventually" on his calendar.

Question: May I join Team Avolition?
Answer: Only if somebody in Team Avolition knows you and can vouch for you. We do not have an application process, so don't let anybody scam you with one. If you don't know any of us and really want to join, try posting useful or entertaining things on the forums. Do not do this.

Question: When is the next video coming out?
Answer: We spend a lot of time on this. We're always updating our Minecraft client, editing video, moderating the forums, and reading private messages. We'll release a video when we have the time and when we're in the mood to grief.

Question: Can I grief Minecraft with you?
Answer: We don't grief with people we don't recognize. We sometimes grief with outside people, but if we've never even seen your name before, it probably won't happen.

Question: Which modified Minecraft client do you use?
Answer: We wrote our own custom client that we keep private. Don't bother asking for it.

Question: Can you please grief this Minecraft server for me?
Answer: We're not your personal army, so please don't ask us to grief a server you dislike. If you find a server with exceptionally high grief potential, post in the Server Submissions section containing as much information as possible, including the server IP.

Question: Where can I buy your shirts?
Answer: You can buy shirts from our RedBubble page. The shirts are only about $25.00 USD plus shipping and should be available worldwide!

Question: May I add you as a friend on Skype/Steam/Xfire/etc?
Answer: We have received thousands of friend requests from people we don't know. We simply can't add everyone, and because the pending invites are annoying, we often have to delete them. Please don't add us unless we know who you are.

Question: What software do you use to record Minecraft?
Answer: We record the game with a program called Dxtory, which costs 3600 yen (currently about $45.00 USD). We use Lagarith Lossless Video Codec to encode the video while recording.

Question: I just found an exploit in Minecraft. What should I do?
Answer: Send Sirenfal a private message with as much relevant information as possible. We advise against posting such information in public.

Question: I challenge you to grief my server! It has a whitelist, everything is protected, and...
Answer: That's not a question and we don't care. Go back to playing all by yourself.

If you have any Question:s that are not in the FAQ, please ask them here: http://www.formspring.me/teamavolition

Welcome to our forum! We would like to encourage you to contribute to our community by posting and talking in the shoutbox.

Please consider joining us by logging in or registering.