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Announcement: Group/Ventrilo Information

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Ventrilo Server
  • Hostname: vent.teamavolition.com
  • Port: 18020
  • Administrators: Storm_Surge, Krysk, Warchamp7, Jade, strum4h, RAW-BERRY, Relocation Agent
  • Moderators: Niiyu, Vosenbergen, iPickedScout, Canadian
  • Rules: Check the Ventrilo MotD for rules. Please use common sense. If we're trying to play a game, common sense should tell you that blasting Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up in the channel we're using is a bad idea. English only. If your microphone needs to be adjusted, follow the instructions below.
Configuring Ventrilo:
Ventrilo 3

  • Input Device: Make sure your default input device is set to Microphone. On Windows 98/Me/200/XP, you can do this by first opening your Volume Control. This can be done using the Control Panel or by going to Start -> Run... and entering "sndvol32" without the quotes. Once your Volume Control is opened, make sure Options -> Advanced Controls is checked. Then click Options -> Properties and select the Mixer Device from the list that you use to record sound. If you selected the correct Mixer, the radio button below should be set to Recording. Check all the boxes at the bottom and click Ok. Your Volume Control shows all the devices you can use for sound input. You should have one labeled Microphone. Click the Select button underneath Microphone and slide the volume up to the maximum. Once the volume is set, press the Advanced button under Microphone. If you're given a check box labeled "1 Microphone Boost," make sure it's checked and click Close. Your input device should now be configured properly, and you can close your Volume Control window.
  • Ventrilo Amplification: Open up Ventrilo and click the Setup button on the right. Make sure the Voice tab is selected. On the right side of the window, try setting the Outbound and Inbound sliders in the Amplifiers area to zero. If people say you're too quiet or loud, try raising or lowering your Outbound amplification. If other users all sound too quiet or loud, you can raise or lower the Inbound amplification.
  • Ventrilo Sensitivity: You have two options for toggling your microphone when you use Ventrilo. You can hold down a key when you want to talk, or you can set the program to automatically transmit your voice when you speak. Open your Setup menu and make sure you're in the Voice tab. If you want to use a hotkey to control your microphone, check the "Use Push To Talk" box on the left and  enter a hotkey in the box below. If you'd like to have the program enable your microphone automatically, be sure the "Use Push To Talk" box is unchecked. In the Sensitivity box underneath, try entering 55. Ideally it should transmit when you start talking and stop when you're finished; lowering the sensitivity value causes you to transmit more easily.

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