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Griefing My Boss... Again

Apr 29 2013 07:30 PM | Storm_Surge in Team Avolition

He went on another business trip. Disaster struck.

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Ventrilo Button

Feb 02 2013 05:10 AM | Sirenfal in Website

I added a Ventrilo connect button that also shows the current user count in the navigation at the top of the forums.

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DayZ Griefing - Delta Squad (Bonus)

Nov 18 2012 04:35 PM | Sirenfal in Team Avolition

We just released outtakes from our previous DayZ video. Check it out to see us make fools of ourselves.

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Griefing My Boss

Nov 16 2012 05:56 PM | Storm_Surge in Team Avolition

The CEO of the company just walked by with a client and said, "Dunno, I guess it's somebody's birthday..."

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Community Server - Counter Strike: Global Offen...

Nov 12 2012 08:50 PM | Sirenfal in Team Avolition

Our 100 tick CSGO server is now online. Tickrate is 60-100, make sure you set cl_updaterate 100 in your console if you have fast enough internet to support it.

You can connect to the server at csgo.teamavolition.com

CSS, TF2, and The Hidden coming soon

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DayZ Griefing - Delta Squad

Nov 10 2012 08:55 PM | Sirenfal in Team Avolition

We've just released a new griefing video of us on DayZ. Click here to watch.

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Presenting: Moderator Warn Logs

Nov 05 2012 02:30 PM | Sirenfal in Team Avolition

In an effort to increase moderator transparency, I have created a new page on the website where you can see all logs of warnings and bans from the moderators, dating back to October of last year when the warn system was created.

You can view the page here.

More custom forum systems are coming in the near future. Fancy Pants will be overhauled next. Stay tuned.

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Upcoming Servers

Nov 04 2012 08:20 AM | Sirenfal in Team Avolition

We're opening several gameservers for the community, and we'd like to know what you want to see. We'll be opening several servers, but we're not totally sold on which games yet. Please vote in the poll, and in the case of TF2, please explain what kind of server you're interested in.

Games coming:

Team Fortress 2
Counter Strike: Source
The Hidden
Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Gender on every post

Oct 16 2012 02:40 PM | Sirenfal in Website

Viewing a thread will now show each poster's gender under their name.

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Fancy Pants Demotions

Oct 13 2012 01:50 AM | Sirenfal in Website

I have just demoted 29 Fancy Pants members for inactivity (More than one month without visiting the forums while logged in). This rank is special, and is intended to be for people who contribute to the forums. While we respect and appreciate what those 29 members contributed, it is felt the rank should only last as long as your contributions do.

This is just a heads up in case any of those members notice their demotions.

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Welcome to our forum! We would like to encourage you to contribute to our community by posting and talking in the shoutbox.

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