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Minecraft Griefing - FCuK Minecraft

Jul 08 2012 08:25 PM | Storm_Surge in New Videos

We're back with a new video. It's pretty awesome:

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Minecraft Griefing - Mikeland Survival

Mar 06 2012 12:00 AM | Sirenfal in New Videos

Team Avolition goes on a quest to break every rule on a PvP/Chaos server.

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Minecraft Griefing - Hardcore SMP (Reddit Episo...

Dec 24 2011 11:37 AM | Sirenfal in New Videos

Team Avolition gets together to grief a hardcore deathban server.

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MAGFest 10 - Storm_Surge and Warchamp7

Dec 22 2011 05:25 AM | Sirenfal in New Videos

CNN said:

In just a little over two weeks, thousands of gamers are going to converge upon a large hotel right outside Washington.

Armed with shirts bearing nerdy references, portable consoles and many musical instruments, they will spend four straight days jamming out, partying, going to panels full of cool information about topics they love, and meeting other gamers. By the time the weekend is over, new music will be discovered, faces will be rocked off, and best of all, new friends will be made.

This beautiful phenomenon is called MAGFest, and it's probably the best gamer convention that you haven't heard of. Yet.

Founded in 2002 by a group of gamers with a passion for the music and culture surrounding games, MAGFest's credo is "For Fans, By Fans." Celebrating their 10th convention January 5-8, the festival has been entirely self-run with no outside sponsorship whatsoever, a fact the key players of MAGFest are proud of.

Whereas a gaming convention like Penny Arcade Expo draws huge numbers thanks to its popular webcomic's origin, MAGFest's appeal has been built from scratch by the people who believed in its idea from day one.
Warchamp7 has been going to MAGFest since 2009 but this year both he and Storm_Surge are going to be there. If you're interested in one of the best gaming parties on the East coast, then click here for more information. If we've already got your attention, you can click here for details on booking a room at the special MAGFest rate. Pre-registration is closed now but you can still buy tickets at the door.

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Minecraft Griefing - ScribbleServer

Dec 22 2011 04:55 AM | Sirenfal in New Videos

Sometimes we need a place to test our hacks. Pray it isn't your server!

We destroy a lot of creations on, gasp, a creative server. Then Warchamp carves "AVOLITION" into the map, the administrators become upset, and we call it a night.

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TTT / Minecraft Griefing - External Gaming

Dec 22 2011 04:55 AM | Sirenfal in New Videos

We grief a Trouble In Terrorist Town server on Garry's Mod run by a clan called External Gaming. One of the administrators gets upset at our antics, and decides to ban us.

We log on their Minecraft server and smash his house, along with everything else that catches our eye.

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YouTube Deleted a Video

Nov 10 2011 08:45 AM | Storm_Surge in New Videos

I've been getting a lot of questions about what happened regarding the prank call video. YouTube determined that it violated an unspecified community guideline, so I appealed the delete asking why it was a problem, and they shot it down a second time without reason. Thanks, YouTube.

For those of you who are curious, I ripped a copy from my browser's cache after they removed it. I had planned on downloading a 720p backup copy after the transcode finished, but they removed it before I could.

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Minecraft Griefing - NokCraft (Reddit Episode 17)

Nov 07 2011 10:56 AM | Sirenfal in New Videos

A new day, a new video! We were unable to grief this server very much, because they managed to critically damage their server's map files no less than three times, rendering the server empty with no players.

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Minecraft Griefing - Monument (PhantomCraft Epi...

Oct 13 2011 11:25 PM | Sirenfal in New Videos

A new video has been released. Storm_Surge proposes marriage to the PhantomCraft moderator xCoyote. She accepts after being offered a bride price of a giant 3D nyan cat house.

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