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Ventrilo Button

Feb 02 2013 05:10 AM | Sirenfal in Website

I added a Ventrilo connect button that also shows the current user count in the navigation at the top of the forums.

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Gender on every post

Oct 16 2012 02:40 PM | Sirenfal in Website

Viewing a thread will now show each poster's gender under their name.

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Fancy Pants Demotions

Oct 13 2012 01:50 AM | Sirenfal in Website

I have just demoted 29 Fancy Pants members for inactivity (More than one month without visiting the forums while logged in). This rank is special, and is intended to be for people who contribute to the forums. While we respect and appreciate what those 29 members contributed, it is felt the rank should only last as long as your contributions do.

This is just a heads up in case any of those members notice their demotions.

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Forum Restructure

Jul 17 2012 11:35 PM | Sirenfal in Website

The major forum overhaul that we've been planning, and that you've all helped with recently is now complete.

There are a lot of threads that were posted before the overhaul and will need to be moved, please bear with us, the moderation team will work through them over the next few days.

Please let us know what you think of the changes in this thread, specifically how any of the new categories can be improved.

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Website Calendar

Jul 16 2012 01:40 AM | Sirenfal in Website

We've added IP.Calender to the forums. You can create events, which other members can attend (RSVP) and comment on. The main purpose is to organize community events such as our upcoming Source Forts stream game night.

Any member of any rank can create an event, but it must be approved by an administrator first. We won't be very strict about denying events, the only criteria are:

- Your event needs to involve people in the community, whether it's gaming or something else.
- The event itself on the calendar needs to be well written (proper English), and informatively explain what the event is about, what the requirements are, and what you'll need to participate in the event.

You can access the calendar by clicking "Calendar" at the top of the website in the navigation, or by clicking on an event on the Board Index.

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Stream notification

Jul 08 2012 12:30 AM | Sirenfal in Website

Warchamp and I have written a new plugin for the forums. You'll now see a notification at the top of all pages on the website if we're livestreaming. If you feel so inclined, go ahead and tune in. We're going to be trying to stream a lot more in the future.

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New Administrator

May 20 2012 10:20 PM | Sirenfal in Website

Please welcome our newest Administrator, newly promoted from Global Moderator, strum4h.

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Valve to Release a Console?

Mar 03 2012 06:25 PM | Duplicity in Website

Posted Image


-In a recent interview with Penny Arcade, Valve Managing Director Gabe Newell seemed to express an interest in joining the hardware market, which many think is an inkling towards a Valve console, nicknamed the Steam Box. Rumors are that, if such a thing is in the works, it would be announced at the next E3 or GDC. Sources say that the basic specs of the Steam Box will include a Core i7 chip, 8GB of RAM, and will run on an nVidia card. The device is supposedly able to run any standard PC games, such as The Witcher 2 and World of Warcraft, and would allow for rival services such as EA's Origin to be loaded onto it. Most of the talk about the "Steam Box" is speculation, but there are some hard facts that hint towards Valve hardware. About a year ago, Valve filed a patent for a "Video game controller having user swappable control components". A quote from the patent application itself gives us some insight as to what this controller will be like.



A game controller is provided. One or more main control input interfaces on the game controller consist of generalized sockets. A variety of modular input interfaces can be plugged into these sockets. Hardware specific to the input type of the modular input is contained within the modular input itself, and plugged in via an interface. This allows for dual analog sticks, a combination of analog and trackball, or further any combination of touchpad, directional pad, or additional components.


-We are also told that Valve's experiments with biometrics will come to fruition with the conception of this new piece of hardware, adding perhaps a whole new level of interactivity in video games. (As if we've never heard that line before.) The inclusion of Valve's Big Picture Mode, shown to us on Valve's website at http://www.steampowe...ebigpicture.php, will allow smooth display on televisions and PC displays alike.

Posted Image

What effect could the release of such a system have on the console market, and indeed video games in general? How well would "Steam Box" compete against the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and the PC? Would the hardware included with the console and controllers really change the way we interact with the worlds of fantasy that the game developers immerse us in when we start up a game? All up to speculation at this point. If one thing's for sure, it's that the release of the "Steam Box" might throw a wrench into some of the plans Microsoft has with the Xbox 720, Sony with the Playstation 4, or Nintendo with the Wii U.

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Moved Webhost

Nov 04 2011 09:45 AM | Sirenfal in Website

We moved to a different webhost (11/04/11), the website should support more active users (2000+) and handle DDoS mitigation without any trouble. We'll see how it goes.

If you have any issues, reply to this news post or PM Sirenfal.

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New Website is Live!

Oct 13 2011 11:45 PM | Sirenfal in Website

We've moved the forums onto Invision Power Board. The new theme was designed by Warchamp, with help from me.

If you run into any bugs/glitches/exploits in the forums please PM Sirenfal.

This will enable the forum moderators to do a lot more, and make our lives easier. This means we can easily manage more posts.

The administration team encourages you to use the new report system to report posts, threads, or PMs that violate the forum rules. You can do this by clicking "Report" next to the bottom right of any post. This will notify all moderators and all administrators, who can then quickly deal with the problem.

We also encourage you to use the new reputation system. Simply upvote high quality posts, and downvote low quality posts.

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Welcome to our forum! We would like to encourage you to contribute to our community by posting and talking in the shoutbox.

Please consider joining us by logging in or registering.