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@  Zirix : (07:42 PM) theres still a mumble ppl use?
@  Meowingtons : (08:11 PM) would you really want to use it if there was
@  Krasson : (09:56 PM) So someone made a Honeycomb Icons skin for Rainmeter and the way it works is really simple.
@  Krasson : (09:56 PM) Imma see if I can waste a bunch of time making some of my own tomorrow.
@  Krasson : (09:57 PM) See you guys in a couple years, lol.
@  Saitocron : (10:20 PM) I have the honey comb
@  Saitocron : (10:20 PM) is pretty neat
@  Ara : (10:54 PM) c;
@  Sirenfal : (09:50 AM) horny comb
@  Saitocron : (10:29 AM) Honeycam
@  Saitocron : (10:45 AM) I created a topic called Titanfall 2 in First Person Shooters
@  greengreens1 : (01:02 PM) @Krasson you should also check out unfold and circle launchers which are really nice too
@  Krasson : (03:50 PM) @greengreens1 Will do, once I finish getting my horribly-infected toe treated.
@  Legion : (04:52 PM) That was definitely not what I wanted to read when I came back lmao
@  Krasson : (05:21 PM) Kekekekek.
@  Saitocron : (08:03 PM) I need to stop eating and watching people play Frozen flash games.
@  Krasson : (08:35 PM) I feel like every time I have to go into surgery it's for a really stupid reason. One was because I fell down some stairs and bit my cheek open, and the other two were when I stubbed my toe too hard and shit went down with the nail.
@  Krasson : (08:35 PM) This has been another episode of Too Much Information. I'm your host: Steve Harvey.
@  Krasson : (08:43 PM) Bonus: there was also a time when I was about five and the doctors had to surgically remove a rock I'd shoved in my ear.
@  Saitocron : (09:56 PM) ... You live an "interesting" life, lol.

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